Private Label

Fox nuts

Snacks got healthier and tastier!

We’ve got some chatpata, tangy and masaledaar flavours to tingle your senses. 87 Gourmet Fox Nuts has a huge variety of flavours for you to choose from. We prefer healthy and tasty snacking! What about you?

Dry fruits & nuts

Handpicked goodness of nutrition!

87 Gourmet is a premium collection of carefully selected dry fruits and nuts. Only the best ones are picked and dropped in our jars to give you the right nutrition and taste at the same time.

Bake Right Powders

Bringing the right taste to everything

Everything sweet for all your baking needs! A huge variety of powders ranging from Cocoa Powder, Sprinklers, Icing Sugar, to Eggless Brownie Mix. Get all your ingredients right for baking, with Bake Right.

Ratnadeep Seasoning/Herbs

Adding flavour to your food

A wide range of seasoning and herbs varieties for your flavourful meals. There’s seasoning for every reason and season! Pasta, Shawarma, Mixed Herbs, Caribbean Jerk BBQ, Mexicana Cheese, Arabian Kafta, you name it, we've got it all!

Bake Right Breads

Baked to perfection

Our shelves are stocked with a huge variety of breads. From Whole Wheat to Sandwich, and Multigrain, we’re sure you’ll find your choice. We bake our bread filled with wholesome nutrition and goodness!

Taste Right Pasta

For every Italian food lover

Our durum wheat semolina pasta is made fresh from scratch to fulfill your Italian cravings and more! Available in 3 different variants - Elbow, Fusilli, and Penne. Embrace your favourite dish in different shapes & forms.


Mixing health with happiness

This sweet collection gets even sweeter! Ratnadeep’s Nectar Besan Laddoos and Soan Papdi just melt in your mouth, leaving a heavenly feeling around. The true essence lies in the texture of our sweets, you can’t get enough of it without your heart melting for it.

Ratnadeep Curd

Thick and creamy deliciousness

Our Curd is sourced from a selected range of farms to give you the purity and freshness at its best. Preservatives are a big NO for us! We like to keep it real, pure and fresh.

Basmati Rice

Truly authentic, truly delicious

Our Classic Basmati Rice is finely aged with aroma and packed with flavour in every bite. Relish the extra-long grains that go well with every dish. It’s what every special occasion needs!

Deepagni Puja Oil

Bringing divinity closer to you

Pure Rice Bran oil, for your everyday rituals and traditions. Ratnadeep Deepagni Puja Oil is as pure and strong as your beliefs and prayers towards god. Take home your praying partner to get on a deeper spiritual journey.

Ratnadeep Chakki Atta

For that extra roti, everybody fights for!

A perfect balance of chakki atta blended with wholesome nutrition. This is a must-have at home. It makes all the mothers happy as you can’t get enough of rotis!

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